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We are in an age of collective feminine rising, womb awakening, and pleasure activation. Throughout the years, I've shared over 50 hours of classes with the central theme of Feminine Embodiment. This bundle contains all the codes your Feminine essence has been craving. Ready to dive in?

  • This is for you if....

  • You have been doing the mindset and spiritual work but still feel disconnected from your body

  • You find it hard to express yourself creatively and own your desires

  • You want to learn more about your sensuality, pleasure, and Feminine energy


Embodied and Free

Taylor T. 26, Entrepreneur

Thank you for helping me untame the wild woman & embody the goddess within me. I have never felt so radiant, so connected, so alive, so free.

The transformation I’ve seen in myself & the other women apart of this container over the past 7 weeks brings me to tears… this is just the beginning… so grateful I listened to that inner knowing & nudge to take this journey. It saved me & changed my life forever.

Your Activation Awaits...

It's time to fully embody the woman you came here to be.

Is this you, boo?

  • You feel disconnected from your sexuality and are not sure how to turn yourself on

  • You tend to live more in your head than your body

  • You see other women living in their Divine Feminine but have no idea how to access yours

  • You feel closed off from receiving at the level you desire

  • Your orgasms are satisfying but don't feel like they're reaching their full potential

  • You want to connect to your sexuality in an empowering way

  • You crave deeper intimacy in your life + personal relationships

  • You want to learn how to fully express your true nature

  • You're curious about using crystal wands + yoni eggs, but aren't sure how to begin

Meet Your Guide.


Chelsea Adair

Hey Queen, I'm Chelsea. As an initiatress of sacred womb rites, orgasmic pleasure, and the embodied feminine - I'm here to guide you back to your sacred, sexual truth.

Growing up in a religious background with an insatiable hunger for God and the Divine, I found myself questioning the constructs I was indoctrinated to believe. Shame, guilt, and a repression of desires never felt like my authentic, spiritual truth. I've always had a deep longing to connect joy, pleasure, and energetics to the unseen... and through my own journey, I have found the sacred gateways to God - the portals of my Yoni and Womb. I'm deeply devoted to sharing this work with women everywhere... ready to come along?


  • How does this bundle work?

    This is a self study bundle that includes two courses: Surrender + The Pleasure Path and one complete collection of teachings that you can move through at your own pace.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Due to the digital nature of this course, no refunds will be offered. All of the content has the potential to support your transformation, but it is up to you to implement it!

  • How long do I have access to the content?

    The content is yours to keep forever. Access through Thinkific will expire after one year, however, you can download the lectures and PDF files on to your computer as you move through the course and return to them whenever you'd like.

Your Activation Awaits...

It's time to fully embody the woman you came here to be.

Let's begin, baby...