Who is the Priestess?

She is you.

She is me.

She is we.

The woman who knows that she is a multifaceted being, connected to the unseen realms.

The woman who longs to express her sacred, sensual nature.

The Priestess archetype is one of a woman who has a deeply felt connection between the sacred, spiritual realms and the more mundane, normal aspects of life.

Beautiful Woman, it's time to stop denying the calling of your soul.

You're tired of perfectionism, self-sacrifice, and hiding your gifts.

Your body + heart long to be ravished open by life.

There is a roaring in your Spirit signaling that you are finally ready to express the fullness of your feminine power:

The Sexual Maiden, the Sacred Devotee, the Wild Woman who is grounded in ecstasy and connected to all of life.

These are the aspects of yourself that the world has made you to believe are wrong.

Of course they have...

Because, my love, a woman like you - a Woman who is deeply intimate with Source, in her body, and devoted to the world around her has been marked as a threat for centuries.

Your intuitive nature + uninhibited pleasure frightens those who have been closed off from their own.

But it's time for a reclamation.

You are a Priestess. 

Throughout history the archetypal Priestess has gone through persecution in societies throughout the world as a result of their power. Their trust of the unknown, spiritual and Divine has led them to be targeted by the authorities as dangerous and the potential inspiration for civil uprising.

Their wisdom, intuitive powers and in particular their sexuality has made them appear dangerous to those who seek power for themselves and this a target for oppression, despite their overtly good intentions towards others.

The manner in which they inspire people to seek them out and in which they draw communities around them makes the patriarchal authorities perceive them as a threat which must be quashed, and it is this above all which has led to their persecution.

It is right here, right now that we end this cycle.

Your pleasure is magnetic. It is alchemical. It is your birthright.

Let's Begin.

Come Inside, My Love

The Pleasure Priestess Within is waiting for you...

The Pleasure Codes...

This 7 week journey is a sacred initiation into your highest truth. The weekly codes will evoke the magick that lives deep within your soul. Are you ready to set them free?


    Code 1: shadow work. We get to start here, boo! In order to fully embody your sacred, sexual self - you'll need to shine a light on any shame you carry and show it who's in charge. Explore your shadow, integrate your kinks, alchemize shame, guilt + denial.


    Code two invites you to meet all aspects of yourself through Embodied Archetypes. We'll play with the Queen, the Lover, the Goddess, the Maiden and more so you can begin to role play the parts of yourself when they're most needed.


    Some of the most powerful codes are inner alchemy and setting sexy boundaries...yum. In week 3, you'll experience what it means to be the sorceress of your shadow, how to let down the shields that keep you stuck, & set boundaries like a mf Queen.


    Unlock your souls deepest desires + yearnings. This code will transform denial of what you truly desire into wild, wild, WILD worship for what you long for. You'll explore polarity, discover the inner union between Masculine + Feminine and learn how to worship at the feet of your inner masculine so that He can do the same.


    Rise into the super power of Self Seduction as the Erotic Empress. Self mastery, the art of arousal, and tapping into the energetics of loving desire will evoke the codes for your Eros energy to flow in and through you.


    Sex magick, manifesting through pleasure, circulating orgasmic energy...holy YES. These codes are at the heart of your pleasure magnetism. Connecting to your sexual powers will allow you to open yourself to God so that you can trust, surrender, and receive like a Goddess!


    These codes will deeply embed a new way of being in the world. Make love to ALL OF LIFE as the integrated and intimately embodied Pleasure Priestess that you are...so you can be dripping wet with devotion every single day!


  • How does this course work?

    This is a self study course that you can move through at your own pace. It is suggested to move through the one lesson per week to implement the practices given and integrate before moving forward.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Due to the digital nature of this course, no refunds will be offered. All of the content has the potential to support your transformation, but it is up to you to implement it!

  • How long do I have access to the content?

    The content is yours to keep forever. Access through Thinkific will expire after one year, however, you can download the lectures and PDF files on to your computer as you move through the course and return to them whenever you'd like.

Foreplay and Bonuses

juicy content to get you started & keep you going....


    This 1 hour masterclass will teach you how to get intimate with your sacred bleed - learn how to connect with this medicine to release and manifest every month.

  • shadow/shame/sex workshop

    explore the origins of shadows and shame around your sexuality along with practical guidance to support you in moving through your blocks with ease.


    Books, playlists, podcasts, crystal wands + eggs, oh my! You'll get the FULL download with all of the best resources to enhance your experience before your journey into the Pleasure Palace officially begins.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • A Message From Chelsea

  • 2


    • Casting Spells {Journal Prompts}

    • Pleasure Activation Meditation

    • Accessing Pleasure Basics

    • Witchy Womb Cycles

    • Heart Opening + Breast Massage

    • Everything You Need to Know About Pleasure Toys

  • 3

    Week 1: Dom The Dark

    • Yoni Gazing Homeplay Guide

    • Dom The Dark

  • 4

    Week 2: Shadow/Shame/Sex

    • Shadow/Shame/Sex

  • 5

    Week 3: Self- Consent + The Gates of Sacred Sexuality

    • Yoni DeArmouring Basics

    • Guided Yoni Dearmouring Practice

    • Self Consent

  • 6

    Week 4: Wild Worship

    • Wild Worship

  • 7

    Week 5: Erotic Empress

    • Erotic Empress

  • 8

    Week 6: Role Play

    • Role Play

  • 9


    • Devoted - 7 day Pleasure Activation (An intro to your sacred sexuality)

    • Inner Child (re)Union

    • Embodiment Practice 1 for Re-Centering

    • Embodiment Practice 2 for Re-Centering

    • Embodiment Practice 3 for Re-Centering

    • Pleasure Path Resources

  • 10


    • Pleasure Path Workbook

Meet Your Guide.


Chelsea Adair

Hey Queen, I'm Chelsea. As an initiatress of sacred womb rites, orgasmic pleasure, and the embodied feminine - I'm here to guide you back to your sacred, sexual truth.

Growing up in a religious background with an insatiable hunger for God and the Divine, I found myself questioning the constructs I was indoctrinated to believe. Shame, guilt, and a repression of desires never felt like my authentic, spiritual truth. I've always had a deep longing to connect joy, pleasure, and energetics to the unseen... and through my own journey, I have found the sacred gateways to God - the portals of my Yoni and Womb. I'm deeply devoted to sharing this work with women everywhere... ready to come along?